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By taking part in, you can influence how your preferred supermarket develops in the future. Aldi is dedicated to giving you the greatest shopping experience possible, and your input is essential to assist us in achieving that objective.

Take Aldi Survey

Spend a few minutes completing the Aldi Survey and let us know what you think of our goods, services, and retail setting. Your helpful feedback allows us to continue to develop and provide our clients with outstanding value.

You will have the ability to enter our thrilling contests with the potential to win wonderful prizes, discounts, or even Aldi gift cards as our way of saying thank you for doing the survey. Join the hundreds of happy customers who have already participated in the Aldi Survey and helped us continue to go above and beyond your expectations.

Take Aldi Survey

We value your feedback, and by working together, we can improve the purchasing experience. Join the Aldi family, which is dedicated to quality, value, and customer pleasure, now and help us improve your Aldi shopping experience.

Aldi’s Survey

Basic Requirements for Aldi Survey

  • First of all, you will require a perfect electronic device like- a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, etc to continue the survey.
  • Not only this, you must have stable and reliable internet access with this device,
  • Authentic Aldi store receipt and number is also a mandatory requirement for this official Aldi survey.
  • Then, you must have a good understanding of English or Spanish.
  • You must provide your legitimate email ID and contact number.
  • Lastly, it will take only a few minutes to complete this survey process.

TellAldi Survey Rules

  • Firstly, you should have legal citizenship in the United States of America.
  • Then, your age must be 18 years old or older to participate in this survey process.
  • Each of the customers is allowed to participate only once.
  • Per the purchase receipt, only one entry is restricted.
  • You are allowed to take only five attempts in a one-month entry period.
  • You must take part in this survey portal within three to seven days of your recent visit to any nearby Aldi store.
  • Aldi coupons are not allowed to transfer. It is also not for sale.


TellAldi Survey Restrictions

  • All the employees of Aldi are not eligible for this survey process. Even the immediate family members and business associates are also not allowed to take part in this portal.
  • You are allowed to take the survey more than once in a one-month survey period.
  • The gift prize is non-exchangeable and non-transferable. You also cannot sell it at any cost.
  • Last but not least, this online survey portal has a restriction. Only if you get an invitation on the bill of the Aldi outlet you will be allowed to take part in this portal. The others are only allowed to take the survey via regular mail.

Easy Steps for TellAldi Survey

  • In the very first step, open a browser on your gadget and type the official webpage to begin.
  • Select your preferred language between English or Espanol (Spanish) in the next step.
  • After that, enter the 4-digit survey code printed on the purchase receipt of the Aldi store. There is also a specific on the same ticket.
  • Now, enter the date of visit, timestamp, etc. All the information will be there on the cash receipt of Aldi.
  • After that, click the ‘Start’ button to begin the process.
  • In the next step, you will be provided with a set of questionnaires to answer and rate. The survey questions are on your recent visit experience to the store.
  • Always provide your genuine opinions according to your recent visit experience to Aldi.
  • In this step, submit the answers to the survey.
  • You will get a coupon code at the end, after the submission. You need to save the coupon code very carefully.
  • On your future visit to the store, you will be able to redeem the coupon code and win gift offers as a survey reward.

About TellAldi Survey

This is one of the best survey processes of all time. This survey website has been developed by experts.

You will get an amazing opportunity to answer all the questions either positive or not. The company not only collects the feedback but also implements it in the best way.

Moreover, they also provide gift offers as a survey reward.

Aldi Survey Reward

After participating in this official survey you will get a golden chance to win amazing gift offers. On your future visit to the store, you will get an opportunity to win $75 to $100 as survey rewards.

To conclude, if you recently visited the Aldi store you must participate in this official survey. You can easily share your genuine feedback and opinions according to your visit experience to the store. The company also gives you amazing gift rewards in return as compensation of your participation in the survey.


  • How can I participate in the Tellaldi survey?

Describe the process of accessing and completing the survey, often involving a survey code on your receipt or an online entry form

  • What benefits may you expect from doing the Tellaldi survey?

Describe any promotions or contests that people may enter to win rewards.

  • How does Aldi use my comments?

Describe the market research methods used to examine the comments and the ways in which they are put to use to improve Aldi’s products.

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